Let me show you the ways to get succes in EA SPORTS NBA Live mobile game

We could safely say that very few have not heard about EA’s NBA Sports franchise. With over a decade of releases, the company managed to provide its clients top-notch games related to the biggest basketball federation in the world – NBA.

Apart from the single player, now you can compete with your friends, create your own players using face scans and so much more while playing the game. In this review, we will provide you with an accurate guide on how to win your games at EA SPORTS NBA Live.

nba live mobile game info

Know your Controls

The game is available on different consoles with each of them having their own controls set. PlayStation 4 or PC consoles offer different keys to play with, thus understanding and using the quickest paths is crucial.

In any case, use different modes like “The Streets” or “The League” with your friends and practice to get a hang of your controls.

Know how to control in NBA live mobile game

Know your Team

Each layer you have on your roster team has his/her own specs. Some might be better suited for defense while others are point-makers. If their shooting is average but jumping grade is good, it is generally a good idea to have them as a center, for example.

With different grades, you can make up a strong team without insane stats. Know your strengths and weaknesses and you will be able to take down much stronger players in terms of statistical values.

Know your Defense and Offence

This guide to choosing the path to success in the all-new season of EA SPORTS NBA Live will show you how to organize your team in terms of offense and defense. Firstly, the game itself has animations and reprogrammed player moves already in place, making it easier for you to predict the opponent’s movement.

Practice on solo mode to see what you are good at and what your players can do. You should also practice many moves that are trademarks of the game like offensive dribbles, on-ball-defense. Raw speed might be an effective way to get around the player but predicting where he will end up is even more important.

Know your Strategy

With the team, defense and offense set, it is time for you to properly scout the opponent. Armed with stats of your team, you can check out what the team you are up against is made of.

You should also look at the previous games’ statistics. Are they 3-point shooters or they dominate the rim? How good their passing is? Is the manager defense or offense-oriented?

The more you know about your opponent, the bigger the chance to put effective tactics in place and win the game before it even began.

Know your Training Plan

You will get players that do not possess maxed out stats. You have to set up a good daily plan and grow them the fastest way possible in stats that are the most useful in the system you have created for your team.

See what can you max out of the individual player. Offense and defense players have different maxes on which you should focus.

Putting it Together

Once you know strengths and weaknesses of your team and of others within your radar, you cannot fail but win. Practice with controls, scan your team and scout opponents’ players and you will know how to set up a good, winning strategy for each game.

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